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FRIDAY (7pm)

(Free Seating)


Evening Worship with Devon Franklin 


Quest of Fire Choir 




The Collins 4 of Buffalo NY 


Voices of Praise of Rochester NY

Chad T. Hinson Jr. 






(Free Seating)


Early Morning Worship with Marrisa Farrow


Quest of Fire Choir



11:00AM-12:00PM Workshops

(Registered Attendees)


Bullying Is Never Ok

Depression is one of the main reasons why kids who are bullied die by suicide. This workshop will help you identify the bully and save the victim.


The Dating Game

Are you dating? Do you want to date? This workshop will give you important information on who and how to date the right way.



12:00PM-1:00PM LUNCH



1:00PM-2:00PM Workshops

(Registered Attendees)


Faith & Fun

Most people don’t believe you can be in church and have fun. This workshop will show you how faith is connected to fun and how you can have the best life for the rest of your life. 


Your Gift Makes Room

Everyone was born with a gift. This workshop will help you discover your gifts and to show you how God gifted you for great success.



2:00PM-3:00PM Workshops

(Registered Attendees)


Saved, Single and Satisfied

This workshop will help you to understand the importance of being saved and show you how to enjoy your singleness and be satisfied with you. 


Money Matters

So you want to be Rich? This workshop will show you how to SAVE, INVEST and CONNECT.


Making Church Great Again

This workshop will show the importance of building your youth and young adult department and keeping Jesus in the culture that will keep the fire from old burning.



3:00PM-4:00PM Workshop

(Registered Attendees)


Music Shed

Calling all Musicians, Singers, Worship Leaders, Choir Directors. This Workshop will help you to fulfill the ministry in which God has called you to for the advancement of the Kingdom through your local church. 



6:00PM - ChoirFire Concert with Quest of Fire Choir

(Free Seating)


Vincent Bohanan & SOV


Elder Malcolm Wilson & JG


Jason Wright & TMT 


Lindsey Williams & DC 

Pastor Darrell Fairer




10:30PM - Quest of Fire Skating Party 

(Registered Attendees)





(Registered Attendees)


Quest of Fire Concert


Kiki Sheard 


The Walls Group 


Hezekiah Walker 


Quest of Fire Choir 



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